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What's the Pictures category for?

PicturesPosted by Fini Patrick Holsting Sunday, February 11 2007 14:34:32

Do you have pictures you want to share, or comments on pictures at or somewhere else?

Add a post here!

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Posted by Fini Patrick Holsting Friday, April 06 2007 17:31:04

Hey Steve, thanks for you link! I checked out your website, nice work. I enjoyed the pictures too.

Good luck with your studies!

Best regards,


Posted by Steve Friday, March 30 2007 03:49:01

Hey Fini. I've been checking back at your site for some years now and glad to see something new added! Hope you're enjoying being an Officer now after those years of training.

I myself am working for Maersk London as a Deck Cadet. If you're interested in some pictures from the British side then check out - it may be of some interest to you.

Safe travels.